The Maya Ruins

Lubaantun, Nim Li Punit, Uxbenka and Pusilha are Maya Archaelogical Sites in the Toledo district. All can be reached from Punta Gorda for a convenient day visit. Lubaantun (near San Pedro Colombia) and Nim Li Punit (near Indian Creek) are the most visited. In Pusilha (at Jalacte, near the border with Guatemala) excavations are currently ongoing.


Nim Li Punit


The Rivers

The Toledo district offers some of the best river trips on all its major rivers, the Golden Stream, Rio Grande, Moho River, Sarstoon and Temash.

The Rio Grande

The Golden Stream

The Cayes

Offshore the Snake Cayes, the Moho Cayes, the Port of Honduras Marine Reserve and the Sapodilla Cayes are destinations for some of the best snorkelling and diving trips. On holidays the locals love to head to those islands for a day of BBQ on the beach.

The waters off the coast of Punta Gorda are considered the 'Permit capital of the World'.

One of the Snake Cayes from above

On Moho Caye

Villages, Caves and more

The Toledo Guesthouse Program arranges stays in the nearby Maya villages. Inquire at the Tourist Information Center on Front Street.

Tour Operators in Punta Gorda also arrange trips to nearby caves and waterfalls. Local tour guides can be arranged for all destinations through the Toledo Tour Guide Association.