Maps of Belize and the Toledo District

Transport in and around Punta Gorda


Maya Island Air and Tropic Air both have several flights daily in and out of Punta Gorda. The journey from Belize City to Punta Gorda usually includes a brief stop-over in Placencia and Dangria and takes about 1 hour.


National Bus Lines

James Bus and Southern Transport run daily buses to Punta Gorda. James Bus has several direct buses to and from Belize City (6.5 hrs) with stop-overs in Belmopan (5 hrs from Punta Gorda), Dangriga (3.5 hrs from Punta Gorda) and Mango Creek (1.5 hrs from Punta Gorda). The Express buses are modern A/C buses and the journey Punta Gorda - Belize City takes only 5hrs.

In Punta Gorda, the James Bus Terminal is located next to the Police Station, near the Customs Office. In Belize City James buses leave from the Poundyard on Cementary Road.

Southern Transport follows the same route but the buses from Punta Gorda only run to Dangriga. Connectiong buses to Belize City usually leave within 45 minutes, but passengers traveling from Punta Gorda to Belize City have no guaranteed seat on the connecting bus. In Belize City, buses leave from the Novelo Terminal to Belmopan and Dangriga where a connection can be made to Punta Gorda.

Departure times from Punta Gorda




Southern Transport (Express Bus)
Southern Transport
James Bus (Express Bus, Mon-Sat)
James Bus
James Bus
Southern Transport
James Bus
James Bus (Express Bus, Fri & Sat only)
Southern Transport

Departure times from Belize City


James Bus
James Bus
James Bus
James Bus (Express Bus, Mon-Sat)
James Bus (Express Bus, Sat & Mon only)


Local Bus Lines

The following villages have regular buses to Punta Gorda: Barranco, Big Falls, Crique Jute, Crique Sarco, Golden Stream, Indian Creek, Jalacte, Laguna, San Antonio, San Marcos, San Miguel, San Pedro Columbia, Silver Creek.

The buses run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, not on holidays. They all leave the village early morning (around 6am or earlier) and return from Punta Gorda at 11, 11:30 or 12 noon. The bus to San Antonio runs daily, except Sundays and Holidays. The Indian Creek and the San Antonio bus also have afternoon runs, arriving at 1pm and returning from Punta Gorda at 5pm. Schedules are subject to change without notice.

Most of the village buses have names like 'Cocs' or 'Chub' painted on the front, these are the names of the bus owners, most of the times they are also the drivers of the buses.



Requena Watertaxi makes the trip from Punta Gorda to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala daily. Departure in Punta Gorda is at the main pier, besides the Immigration post, in Puerto Barrios from the public pier (la muelle). The trip takes, depending on weather conditions between 1 hour and and 1.5 hours. You can purchase your ticket in advance at the Requena office on Front Street (1/2 block north of Immigration) or before departure from the Requena represenative in front of the Immigration post.


Departure from Punta Gorda

Departure from Puerto Barrios

If you are travelling by private boat and are entering or leaving Belize, you must check in at the Immigration & Customs post in Punta Gorda. Their office is located at the Public Pier, on Front Street. Punta Gorda now also has a full service marina (please see info below).


Taxi and Charter Transport

Several Taxi services are available in Punta Gorda. Most of the times Taxis can be found best at the Central Park. Any trip in Punta Gorda costs BZ$6 (BZ$7 to Hopeville), each additional stop along the way usually costs another BZ$6 (negotiable). Taxis can also be hired for trips outside the town, make sure to set the price beforehand.

Buses and Vans can be chartered from Romero's Charter and Tours, Forest Home (3 miles from Punta Gorda), Tel: (501) 722-2924 or 614-3998 for tours to any attraction in the Toledo District and all of Belize, to include transfer to and from the Belize International Airport.