St. Peter Claver Church (501) 722-2004
Main Street
Sundays: 7:30 am and 7 pm
Mon-Sat: 6:30 am
Nazarene Church (501) 702-0064 Front Street Sundays: 9:30 am and 7:15 pm
Friday: 7:15 pm
Baptist Church (501) 702-0081   Sunday: 3-5 pm and Wednesday7-9 pm
Jehovah Witness (501) 702-2241 Airstrip Area  
St. Joseph's Anglican Church (501) 722-0183 Main Street Sunday: 9 am and Tuesday: 5pm
Methodist Church
(501) 702-0067 Front Street Sunday: 7 am and 7 pm
Assembly of God      
Pentecostal Church      
Adventist Church (501) 722-2460   Saturday: 8:45 am Sunday: 7 pm
Wednesday: 7 pm
Church of Christ      
New Covenant Church      

St. Peter Claver Church

New Covenant Church

Jehovah Witness

Methodist Church

St. Joseph's Anglican Church

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