John 'Jackie' Young

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Punta Gorda, Belize

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Fly Fishing

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John 'Jackie' Young has been an outdoor person from a young age, as a young man in rare wood camps cutting and hauling rare wood. He also did other things like building dories.

Later on he did commercial shark fishing along with his father. After seeing the damage gill nets were doing, he went into lobster fishing. He made quite a name of himself free diving in water of 40-60 feet deep.

After about four year of diving he began fishing in and around what is know as Port of Honduras Marine Reserve, selling his catch on the local market.

While doing this type of fishing around the rivers and cayes he became aware of the potential of sport fishing and began taking people out snorkeling and spin casting. Later on he attended a fly fishing course sponsored by TIDE (Toledo Institute for the Development of the Environment).

Since 1999, John 'Jackie' Young has been a fly fishing guide. He is a licensed tour guide and captain and offers trips to the inner cayes of the reef

Contact John 'Jackie' Young for a personalized trip. Fly fishing, spin casting or just snorkeling and relaxing on the cayes.

John 'Jackie' Young was featured in 2004 in
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