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12 Front Street
P.O.Box 18

Punta Gorda Town
Toledo, Belize, C.A.

Requena's Watertaxi

We provide daily boat service between Punta Gorda, Belize and Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. The journey takes approximately one hour, depending on weather conditions. We travel every day!

departing Punta Gorda
9 am
from the Municipal Pier next to Customs & Immigrations
departing Puerto Barrios
2 pm
from the Shell Gas Station next to the Municipal Pier

Our boat, the Mariestela, is 32 feet long and 10 feet wide. Two 200 hp motors and our experienced crew ensures a safe and comfortable journey for up to thirty-five passengers.

Ticket purchase / Departure in Punta Gorda

Please purchase your ticket in advance at our office on Front Street, one block north from the Immigration building. Every morning from 7am until departure our tickets can also be purchased from our representative in front of the Immigration Office.
You need to clear Belizean Immigration (departure) before being allowed onto the pier and the boat. Non Belizeans must pay an exit fee (Conservation Fee) of BZ $7.50 (status 2004)

Ticket purchase / Departure in Puerto Barrios

Please purchase your ticket from our crew onboard the boat before departure.
You need to clear Guatemalan Immigration (departure) before being allowed on the boat. The Immigration building is located about one block from the Municipal Pier. Non-Guatemalans must pay an exit fee (Tourist Tax) of US$ 10.00, payable in US$ or Quetzal (status 2004).


Requena's Charter Service

We have two boats, both equipped with two 200 hp motors, available for charters to all destinations in Belize.

One is 32 feet long and can seat up to 35 passengers, the other one, 28 feet long, provides comfortable seating for up to 30 passengers.

The best equipment and a knowledgeable crew guarantee the best service,


Charters to Fulfil Your Needs

Contact Requena's Charter Service and Watertaxi for more information:
Tel: (501) 722-2070
Fax: (501) 722-2070

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