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"Talk to the People That Know Toledo"


Get to know the Toledo District of Belize, Central America

Toledo, the unique, undiscovered naturalist destination is the southernmost district of Belize. The people of Toledo area a mixture of cultures that include the Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo and East Indian.

Experience an adventure of a lifetime with us.

Experience Maya Village Life

Toledo offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience life in a traditional Maya village through the Maya Village Homestay Network. Sleep in a hammock under a real thatched roof and learn how Maya families have lived since ancient times.

Visit Archaeological Sites


Lubaantun means "Place of the Fallen Stones" This archaeological site has been excavated and reconstructed with refitted stone blocks. The perfectly carved Crystal Skull, now housed in Canada, was discovered here. Stop in at the new visitors' center to see various interesting artefacts and pottery.

Nim Li Punit

Just off the Southern Highway, 46 miles south of the Placencia junction, are the Maya ruins of Nim Li Punit. The site is famous for the large number of carved stone stelae found there. One depicts a ruler in elaborate headgear, giving the site its name, which means "Big Hat".

Explore the Cayes

Toledo's cayes are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking, sailing and fishing. Or simply relax on the beach or explore the marine reserves, you many even sport some manatees.

The Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve is a World Heritage Site, located at the southern end of the Barrier Reef. It is a excellent spot for diving and snorkeling.

The Port Honduras Marine Reserve is home to manatees, and is an excellent area for fly-fishing, with numerous cayes for snorkeling and camping.

Ho Keb Ha Caves (Blue Creek)

Ho Keb Ha means "the place where the water comes out from" and it is where the Rio Blanco River emerges and continues as Blue Creek River, revealing an extensive cave system.

Rio Blanco Falls National Park

Rio Blanco Falls National Park is located between the villages of Santa Cruz and Santa Elena, where cascading water empties into a dark, deep pool. Some villagers are said to believe that it is bottomless.

Dem Dats Doin

Toledo's Tropical Botanical Arboretum combines appropriate technology, organic agriculture and micro-enterprises for sustainable living.

Toledo's Blue Creek Conservation Area

Discover the untouched and luscious rainforest of Toledo. Try a nature trek beneath a dense umbrella of green, then walk through the treetops observing birds and wildlife from a canopy walkway. The canopy rises 80 feet above the forest at Blue Creek Rainforest Reserve. Afterwards, have a swing in the clear cascading polls at the Blue Creek Cave entrance.

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12 Front Street, P.O. Box 18
Punta Gorda Town
Belize, Central America

Tel: (501) 722-2795 and 722-2070
Fax: (501) 722-2070

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